A Better New York Transit Map Through the Power of Circles

Max Roberts, a U.K. based mapmaker has redesigned the NYC Subway Map as a circular abstraction. He believes that the current linear, geography-based map is misleading as the the geography is not entirely accurate and leads people into believing they will have to travel further than in reality. The circular map is far enough away from a geographical base that it doesn’t create distortion problems, yet it is still close enough to the shape of the city that it retains familiarity.

Read more at: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1682692/a-better-new-york-transit-map-through-the-power-of-circles#1



Architectural hermit crab habitats by Aki Inomata via Designboom

japanese artist aki inomata creates intricately crafted plastic habitats for hermit crabs, which are influenced by the architecture of major cityscapes — the new york city skyline, a parisian apartment, and a tokyo-style house. the semi-transparent, delicate forms are designed in the style of physical human environments, which ironically become a shelter for the aquatic arthropods. the biology of the hermit crab makes it a fascinating example of identity transfer — as they grow they require larger shells and periodically interchange their external portion with other members of the crustacean community. inomata connects her study of the hermit’s transformation to the self-adaptation of humans, whether it be in acquiring a new nationality, immigrating or relocating.



Circular Hobo Home is a Rolling Circus Marvel via Weburbanist

In this strange circus performance piece, two travelers turn architectural conventions on end, moving an offbeat nomadic home through a comedic narrative via carefully choreographic actions. A bit of theater-to-go, The Wheelhouse features careworn gypsies, and revolves around homeless living but is bolstered by conceptual architecture and compelling acrobatics.

We make space, then space makes us.

SoP - Scale of Environments 



Scaffolding by Various 

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Most architecture has to be built twice, the second time is what everyone sees, the finished piece. But the first time is through ubiquitous temporary material. No matter how monolithic a structure becomes, the realizing of it, the baking of it, can always be broken down into tiny pieces. Some people say buildings are much more exquisite during construction, the visuals complexity of scaffolding have a large part in that, but it communicates more than beauty, it reveals the buildings secrets.     

SoP - Scale of Environments



There was once Berlin Tempelhof airport, now there is a community garden established in April 2011 by Allmende-Kontor, a bottom-up initiative which  promotes urban agriculture and claims forms of social wealth and inclusion. The garden is the result of the creativity of people that bypass the digging ban by means of large elevated boxes, reusing wooden parts of furniture, tables and so on. The space hosts also little events and public discussions.